European Mounts and Skull Cleaning

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European Mounts

Skull Cleaning with Dermestid Beetles


Dermestid beetles are also known as hide, carrion or skin beetles. They are bugs generally associated with decomposition, and can be found under dead and decomposing animals. They are usually black or dull colored and hairy, and range from 2mm to 12mm in length. Female Dermestid beetles tend to be bigger than males. Dermestid beetles are often used to clean the flesh off skeletons, especially small animal skeletons with delicate bones. Scientists, museums and universities often grow Dermestid beetles because they do not damage skeletons, unlike harmful chemicals, making them a great alternative for cleaning skulls.

Skull Cleaning

Rabbit, Squirrel, Racoon, Birds, Mink and Skunk $25
Fox, Coyote, Bobcat, Badger, Otter and Beaver $42
Wolf, Mtn Lion and Javelina $72
Bears and Wild Boar $90
Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer $110
No Velvet Mounts

Any animals not listed
Email or Call for Pricing

All skulls are cleaned using Dermestid Beetles, Degreased and Whitened
Cost will differ if you choose not to have your skull whitened

European Mounts, Handmade and Custom Pedestals and Plaques
Email or Call for Pricing

There is a $15.00 charge for skinning skulls up to the size of a Whitetail Deer anything bigger is a $20 charge.There is a $20 gag fee for any trophy skull infested with maggots. Maggots are a major risk to the Dermestid Beetle Colony.

Email for custom braided wrist slings for your compound bows


Dermestid Beetles European Mounts Dermestid Beetles European Mounts Dermestid Beetles European Mounts

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